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It's Lactation Time!

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Breastfeeding support when you need it!

Get the Most out of your breastfeeding journey

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Breastfeeding Resouces

Below are resources and information that will help to go through LactationTime with serenity. 

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Long Island Lactation Consulting Association.

Nassau County Breastfeeding Resources

Learn more about breastfeeding resources available in Nassau County: directory of lactation consultants; breastfeeding education classes, breastfeeding support groups, peer counseling.

Ask Lenore

Ask Lenore is an information resource for couples who are expanding their families via adoption, surrogacy, or traditional pregnancy as well as those who are experiencing infertility and/or recurrent miscarriage.

The Canadian Breastfeeding Foundation

The Canadian Breastfeeding Foundation promotes breastfeeding and mother-infant health through donations to breastfeeding education programs and other initiatives.

World Health Organization

Breastfeeding: If you've already made the well-informed decision to breastfeed, you are likely fully aware of the never-ending array of health benefits for both you and your baby. The World Health Organization (WHO), the "directing and coordinating authority for health within the United Nations system", has launched a spectacular effort to support and promote breastfeeding worldwide.

Kelly Mom

For extensive, evidence-based, and up-to-date information regarding all aspects of breastfeeding and parenting.

Infant Risk Center

Dr. Thomas Hale, author of 'Medications and Mothers Milk' and executive director of Infant Risk has created a center "dedicated to providing current and accurate information to pregnant and breastfeeding mothers and healthcare professionals". 
hotline: (806)-352-2519

Dr. Jack Newman

Dr. Jack Newman is a renowned pediatrician Dr. Jack Newman, in collaboration with lactation consultant Edith Kernerman, has created this invaluable tool allowing you to view real-world breastfeeding video snipits with instructive descriptions.

Stanford Breastfeeding

For more phenomenal videos to help you reach your breastfeeding goals, visit this website. Especially helpful are those entitled "Hand-Expressing Milk" and "Maximizing Milk Production". Manual hand expression is especially useful in the first few days postpartum before lactogenesis stage II (when your milk 'comes in'), as well as for increasing supply thereafter.


Dr. James McKenna is recognized as the world’s leading authority on mother-infant co-sleeping. His website provides progressive insight regarding co-sleeping in relationship to breastfeeding and SIDS. By presenting "scientifically-based information, downloadable scientific articles, access to educational PowerPoint presentations and television appearances", inquiring parents can decide if this is the most suitable option for their new family member.

Breastfeeding after Breast and Nipple Surgeries

Created by two devoted mothers, one an IBCLC, who dealt first-hand with the challenging breastfeeding implications resulting from breast reduction. This website is designed to "provide information and support to mothers who wish to breastfeed after breast reduction surgery". I would like to note that breast augmentation surgery with implants is often less troublesome since the breast tissue remains intact. This, of course, all depends on where the incision was made and which nerves, if any, were damaged.

Your Guide to Breastfeeding

60 pages publication from The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Office on Women’s Health (OWH).

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