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It's Lactation Time!

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Get the Most out of your breastfeeding journey

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Power Pump

Just like when your baby is having a  growth spurt, the power pump technique of expressing milk more frequently to trigger an increased release of prolactin from the pituitary gland, the milk-making hormone.


The power pump tells your body to produce more milk and since it mimics your baby's behavior when he or she cluster feeds.

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First, you will choose 1 hour, during the day or night, that you can dedicate to pump time. During this hour you will repeatedly empty your breast, telling your body to make more milk and increase your milk supply.

I suggest you follow this pumping pattern:

Pump for 20 minutes; rest 10 minutes. 

Pump another 10 minutes; rest for 10 minutes.

Pump another 10 minutes to finish your power pump hour.


Have you baby close by you during the power pump time. If you are at work, have a picture of you baby with you to every pumping section. This will help you to relax and also help your milk let down.

If you have more questions about this topic call me at SKYPE and we can talk more about it.  

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